Mo dreams of building the world’s fastest car, putting the top down and feeling the wind press back the features of his face as he enters warp speed. He dreams of freedom. When he grows up, he also wants to become a doctor, because doctors make lots of money and save lives.

As an 11-year-old, he is caught between different worlds and different dreams. He is the youngest in our large family, constantly looking for a role that’s more than the littlest one in the room. He lives in the same house as I did, in a way so uniquely his own, and I’m inspired by his way of seeing our home.

He’ll spend hours on the trampoline and then immediately challenge himself to a game of chess. He navigates the labels that society assigns him and follows his independent spirit to wherever curiosity may lead him.

Mo is constantly changing.


“Lawn Oyounak”: The Color of His Eyes, was exhibited during Photoville at the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, New York in September 2018.

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