Flowers For Nabra Hassanen

I am so proud to see my community gather to celebrate Nabra's life, a young Muslim who's life was cute short on Sunday. Thank you to the Madinah project for organizing such a beautiful event for all of us to come together and reflect.

It’s important to remember that it is okay to grieve. It is okay to ask questions. It is okay to feel outraged or to feel numb. It is okay to take a moment and acknowledge whatever it is you may be feeling. My dear Muslim sisters and brothers and sisters and brothers of other faiths in humanity, dear young people, it is okay to be confused and it is definitely okay to be scared. but after all that, once we’ve had our moment, we must get up and roll up our sleeves because there is so much work to be done” - Ivana Zajkovska

Behind the scenes

These past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to capture behind the scenes moments during a couple product photoshoots for Kent Displays. We set up shop in an abandoned warehouse where the stairs were soft and creaky and the lights below us flickered nonstop. Nonetheless, it was the perfect industrial setting and turned out to be fitting for the product.  


As my internship reaches its halfway point, I wanted take a minute and share some of my favorite shots I've taken during my time here. Chautauqua is a very unique place that hosts incredibly talented artists, singers, speakers, actors, and dancers who all work hard to put on amazing performances.  I've covered some pretty cool assignments and have met interesting people along the way. Check it out! 


On our day off, Sarah and I decided to explore Jamestown. We agreed to stop anywhere that looked interesting. Ten minutes into our drive, we spotted a sign that read "BLUEBERRY PICKING." We followed the sign and found 4 acres of blueberry trees! It was such a calm and cloudy day out, so we spent about an hour picking delicious, organic blueberries and had a blast too! 

Summer in chautauqua

This summer will be spent in Chautauqua, NY working as the photographer for the Chautauquan Daily. I have traveled to other countries for a couple weeks at a time but have never spent an entire summer on my own in a foreign place. With that being said, I have never been more excited  to continue my career in photojournalism as an intern here. I am excited to explore the grounds and work alongside some extremely talented and creative hard workers. The official opening of the summer season is just in a few days! I was able to walk the grounds for a week and watch the community prepare for the grand opening. Many Chautauquans will see the renovations that have been done over the year for the first time this week! 

It's been a great time familiarizing myself with the grounds and residents of Chautauqua, I can't wait to see what the summer has in store for me!